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Psychix came to Cheetah with a clear vision and a deeply personal mission: to redefine the online psychic experience. After personally benefiting from psychic readings but finding himself disappointed with existing platforms, the client was driven by more than just business needs. He yearned to create a user-friendly platform that would not only stand out in the marketplace but would also honor the profound impact that psychic guidance had on his life. His passion for making these connections more accessible and meaningful fueled the project, setting the stage for an extraordinary collaboration with Cheetah. His dream was to create a platform that was superior in every way, not just in design and usability, but in its very essence, reflecting the true potential of what a psychic connection can offer.

The client aimed to create a web application that allowed users to connect with psychics through various channels, including video and audio calls. But beyond just connections, the client had a vision of fairness and support for the psychics themselves. Recognizing their talents and the value they bring, he wanted to ensure that psychics on the platform would earn more and receive immediate payment for their services.

The challenges were numerous, and Cheetah’s responsibilities extended even further. In addition to developing the core functionalities, Cheetah needed to come up with the brand identity, naming for the platform, and develop both a responsive website and a mobile responsive web app. The platform needed to support real-time booking and scheduled appointments, have transparent transactions, and ensure maximum security. Moreover, it required a seamless, user-centric design that sets it apart from the competition.

The mission was clear: create a platform that not only caters to the clients seeking guidance but also respects and rewards the psychics providing that much-needed insight. With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and a commitment to innovation, Cheetah embarked on a journey to build a platform that was truly custom, both in technology and branding.

The task of branding was a critical component of the project, and one that Cheetah approached with great care and creativity. The name “Psychix” itself was born out of a collaborative brainstorming process that sought to capture the essence of the platform: modern, intuitive, and deeply connected to the psychic experience.

Visual Identity

Cheetah’s creative team designed a visual identity that resonated with the platform’s core values. The logo, color scheme, and typography were chosen to evoke a sense of mystique, wisdom, and trust. A custom font design was developed to add a unique and distinctive flair, reinforcing the brand’s individuality. Soft curves and ethereal hues were combined with strong, clear lines to represent both the spiritual and professional aspects of the service.

Brand Voice

The brand’s voice was meticulously crafted to communicate with both clients and psychics in a way that is engaging, empathetic, and empowering. Every word and message were aligned with the mission to make psychic connections more accessible, rewarding, and respectful.

Cheetah devised a tailored solution to meet Psychix’s unique needs, employing cutting-edge technologies such as ReactJs, NodeJs, and MongoDB. Everything Cheetah built for this client was custom, not only to meet his specific needs but also to ensure he owned the IP to every aspect of his platform. This customization extended to reducing overall costs so that psychics can earn more for their services.

Custom Multi-Channel Communication:

Cheetah built a custom VOIP phone system for phone calls and video calls, offering flexibility and convenience. Clients can connect with psychics through these channels, enjoying a high-quality experience.

Real-Time Booking & Scheduling:

Clients can book appointments in real-time or schedule them for future dates, ensuring flexibility in meeting with their chosen psychic.

Transparent Payment Process with Instant Access:

By integrating Stripe’s custom debit card program, the platform not only ensures transparent transactions but also gives psychics instant access to their funds. Psychics can spend money straight from their debit cards, enhancing their earnings and financial freedom.

Feedback System:

Post-session, clients can provide feedback, contributing to a robust and community-driven rating system.


Utilizing an in-house Asterisk setup for video and audio calls as a VOIP server, and managing real-time availability using Firebase Realtime Database, the platform guarantees a secure and smooth experience for both psychics and clients.

Through this bespoke development, Cheetah met the client’s demands by delivering a solution that was not only innovative and user-focused but also respectful of the psychics’ contributions and rights. By creating an environment that prioritized the welfare and earning potential of the psychics, Cheetah helped the client realize a vision that was ethical, prosperous, and unique.

The technological backbone of Psychix was engineered to support a seamless and secure user experience. Cheetah’s development team utilized a blend of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that both psychics and clients could interact smoothly and confidently.

Front-End Development

The front-end was built using ReactJS, a popular JavaScript library known for its flexibility and efficiency. This enabled the creation of a dynamic, responsive interface that could adapt to various devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal user experience.

Back-End Development

NodeJS served as the core of the back-end development, working in harmony with MongoDB as the database. This combination ensured a scalable and high-performing architecture, capable of handling real-time interactions and vast amounts of data.

Custom VOIP System

Cheetah developed a custom VOIP phone system using an in-house Asterisk setup. This allowed Psychix to offer video and audio calls with utmost quality and security. The system was tailored to meet the platform’s specific requirements, offering features such as click-to-call functionality.

Payment Integration

Stripe’s custom debit card program was integrated into the platform, allowing psychics instant access to their funds. This solution not only ensured transparent transactions but also empowered psychics with immediate spending capabilities, further aligning with the client’s vision of fairness.

Real-Time Availability Management

Using Firebase Realtime Database, Cheetah implemented a real-time availability management system. This allowed psychics and clients to schedule appointments effortlessly, whether for immediate sessions or future engagements.

Security Measures

With a keen eye on security, the platform incorporated robust encryption and authentication protocols. From the payment process to the calls themselves, every interaction was designed to safeguard user information and privacy.

A significant part of our collaboration with the client involved the meticulous crafting of the web design to make the crowdfunding marketplace not just functional, but also visually appealing and user-friendly.

Understanding the Audience:

Before diving into the design, we took the time to understand the target users of the platform. From individual investors to companies seeking investment, the design needed to cater to diverse needs and expectations.

User-Centered Design:

Our focus was on creating an intuitive user experience. Every element, from navigation menus to call-to-action buttons, was designed with the user’s ease in mind. Simplicity, clarity, and coherence were our guiding principles.

Collaborative Approach:

Working closely with the client’s internal software development team, we ensured that our design seamlessly aligned with their existing systems and technological capabilities. This collaboration was vital in creating a cohesive and integrated web interface.

Responsive Design:

Recognizing the importance of accessibility across various devices, we implemented a responsive design. Whether accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile, the platform offers a consistent and engaging user experience.

Visual Aesthetics:

The visual appeal was not compromised for functionality. By using brand-aligned colors, crisp imagery, and elegant typography, we created a design that reflects the innovative spirit of the crowdfunding platform.

Testing and Iteration:

Post-development, rigorous testing was performed to ensure the design met all functional requirements. Feedback loops with the client helped us make necessary adjustments and refinements, leading to a polished final product.

The Psychix platform's tablet-ready design reflects a commitment to accessibility and user satisfaction across diverse devices. Whether using a compact or large-screen tablet, users experience a layout that's not only visually appealing but also tailored for the unique ergonomics of tablet usage. Intuitive navigation and seamless interaction ensure that clients and psychics can engage with the platform effortlessly. This tablet-optimized approach reinforces Psychix's dedication to providing a versatile and high-quality experience for all users.

The partnership between Cheetah and Psychix resulted in a platform that has redefined the online psychic experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key outcomes:

Seamless User Experience

With an intuitive design and responsive interface, the platform provides an unparalleled user experience for both clients and psychics. The custom font and logo design exude a unique brand personality that aligns with the magical essence of the services offered.

Fairness and Empowerment for Psychics

The immediate access to funds through Stripe’s custom debit card program and the transparent transaction process ensure that psychics are rewarded fairly for their talents. The platform thus serves as an advocate for psychics, emphasizing their value and dignity.

Robust and Secure Technology

The custom-built VOIP system and the use of modern technologies like ReactJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB have created a robust and secure platform. Clients and psychics can connect with confidence, knowing that their data and privacy are protected

Brand Resonance

The careful crafting of Psychix’s brand identity, including the accentuation of the “X” in the logo with a touch of magic, has resulted in a brand that resonates with its audience. The visual identity, brand voice, and overall aesthetics speak directly to those seeking a meaningful and trustworthy psychic connection.

Growth and Recognition

Since its launch, Psychix has seen significant growth in its user base, reflecting the platform’s success in meeting the needs and expectations of its target audience. Its innovative approach and quality service have set it apart in the marketplace, garnering recognition and positive feedback.

Cheetah’s tailored approach and technological expertise have culminated in a platform that not only meets but exceeds the client’s vision. Psychix is more than just a web application; it’s a community that connects, respects, and celebrates psychic connections. It stands as a testament to Cheetah’s ability to translate a client’s dream into a tangible reality, setting a new standard in the industry.

Psychix’s collaboration with Cheetah has given birth to a platform that goes beyond mere functionality; it has become a beacon for innovation, empathy, and excellence within the psychic services industry. The profound understanding of the client’s vision coupled with Cheetah’s technological acumen and creative prowess has led to a product that stands out in the market.

The custom-built technology ensures a robust, secure, and user-friendly experience. The unique branding, with its attention to every detail, including the magical touch on the “X” in the logo, resonates with the mystical essence of psychic connections. The fairness and empowerment extended to psychics reflect a broader mission to create a community that respects and rewards talent.

But perhaps the most telling success of the Psychix platform is its alignment with the human need for connection, understanding, and guidance. Through innovative solutions and a genuine commitment to quality, Cheetah has not only fulfilled the client’s yearning for a superior platform but also enhanced the lives of those seeking insight and those providing it.

Psychix is more than a success story; it’s a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, technology, and empathy converge. It’s a shining example of Cheetah’s dedication to transforming ideas into impactful realities.

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