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CF Marketplace

Cheetah Agency was approached by a prominent client with a unique challenge: to design and build an intuitive and highly functional UX/UI for a crowd funding marketplace. With an existing internal software development team, the client was seeking specialized expertise to create an interface that would allow a seamless interaction for both investors and companies seeking investment.

The client’s requirements were clear yet multifaceted:

Custom Design: A unique, easy-to-navigate design that stood out in the crowded marketplace.

Integration with Internal Systems: Collaboration with the client’s internal software development team was essential for successful integration.

Backend Management: A robust backend interface was required to manage investments, contracts, payments, and other essential functions.

Cheetah Agency embarked on a collaborative project, working closely with the client’s software development engineers. The project was broken down into several key phases:

Discovery and Analysis: Understanding the client’s needs, existing systems, and the specific user journey within the crowd funding environment.

Wireframing and Prototyping: Creating initial designs to provide a visual representation of the user interface.

Development and Integration: Building the UI, followed by backend integration to manage various financial and contractual aspects.

Collaborative Testing: Working with the client’s engineers to conduct extensive testing, ensuring functionality and ease of navigation.

Raining and Handover: Educating the client’s internal team on managing and maintaining the new interface.

The collaboration between Cheetah Agency and the client’s internal team resulted in an outstanding and unique platform, with several notable successes:

A Seamless User Experience: The custom design ensured that users could easily navigate through the platform, whether browsing investment opportunities or managing their investments.

Efficient Backend Management: The backend interface facilitated the company to manage intricate financial and contractual matters, streamlining internal processes.

Successful Collaboration: By working in tandem with the client’s software development engineers, the project was delivered on time and in line with the client’s expectations.

Positive Feedback: The platform received commendable feedback from users and stakeholders alike, cementing the client’s position as a leader in the crowdfunding sector.

In partnering with the client’s internal software development team, Cheetah Agency demonstrated the vital role of specialized UX/UI design in creating an impactful user experience. Our unique approach to design, coupled with an understanding of the client’s specific needs and existing technology, led to the creation of a groundbreaking crowd funding marketplace. This collaboration stands as a testament to Cheetah’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, forging a path that seamlessly connects investors with opportunities. The success of this project highlights the power of combining in-house development with specialized agency expertise, resulting in a product that is both visually stunning and functionally superior.

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