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Just Soap

Just Soap, a fledgling company, aimed to create organic products for people with sensitive skin. Inspired by their own children's struggles, the founders sought Cheetah Agency's expertise to bring their vision to life. The challenge encompassed product and brand development, packaging design, sourcing, and eCommerce platform construction. With their passion and our know-how, we embarked on the journey to transform Just Soap from an idea into reality.

We began with the name "Just Soap," encapsulating their uncomplicated, honest approach to skincare. With the name in place, we turned our focus to creating a broad spectrum of individualistic products. We imagined each product as a emotion - 'Just Chill,' 'Just Energize,' 'Just Love,' and so forth. Each 'emotion' was designed to evoke a distinct experience, fostering a deeper emotional connection between the brand and its customers.

Fostering a compelling visual identity and product range for Just Soap Co., our team at Cheetah Agency crafted a clean, natural, and soothing aesthetic. This not only harmonized with the brand's ethos but also ensured each product category - from soap bars and shampoo bars to lotions and detergents - reflected this mission. Our unique packaging designs unified the product range, making each item an embodiment of Just Soap Co.'s dedication to organic care for sensitive skin. In the images below, you'll see how our design approach has truly brought the 'character' of each product to life.

The packaging for Just Soap was designed with a focus on brand ethos and sustainability. We utilized milk carton-like bottles for lotions, offering a unique, eco-friendly solution. For shampoo bars, we introduced waterproof drawstring bags for practical use in wet conditions. These innovative designs provided a memorable unboxing experience, underscoring the brand's commitment to convenience and eco-friendliness, while perfectly encapsulating their unique vision and values.

We understood that quality control and consistency were crucial to Just Soap's success. Thus, we leveraged our expansive network to connect them with trusted contract manufacturers. We oversaw the manufacturing process to ensure that it was efficient, environmentally responsible, and met Just Soap's stringent quality standards.

Knowing that a significant part of Just Soap's customer base would be online, we put considerable effort into developing a robust, easy-to-use eCommerce site. The website was designed to mirror the brand's identity, complete with AI-based features for personalized product recommendations. This strategic implementation aimed to enhance user engagement, improve the customer journey, and increase conversion rates.

Statistics are clear: eCommerce purchases from tablets are on the rise and these numbers will only grow. We made sure that Nana was not only Tablet-ready but that the shopping experience was comparative to shopping from a laptop or a desktop device.  

Our engagement with Just Soap underscores the impact of a well-conceived and executed brand strategy. We successfully transformed their vision into a vibrant, successful brand that made an impactful entry into the organic personal care market. This project stands as a testament to Cheetah Agency’s commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and leveraging our expertise to deliver outstanding, measurable results.

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