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Jefferson A.I.

In today’s rapidly changing world, with an increasing need for engaging and informed discourse, Cheetah Agency recognized the opportunity to create a bridge between the past and present. This led to the conception and realization of the Jefferson A.I. Project, an innovative endeavor that allowed people from all walks of life to engage with the wisdom and insights of Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Through the powerful DOTBOT LLM, Cheetah Agency crafted an A.I. bot that embodies the essence of Jefferson’s thoughts and perspectives. This case study delves into the intricate development, implementation, and social impact of the Jefferson A.I. across three platforms: Twitter, Telegram, and the Web.


The underlying idea was to recreate Jefferson’s unique style of conversation, focusing on his interest in Freedom, the Constitution, the United States, and geo-political issues. To avoid misrepresentation, the content was restricted to non-perverted subjects and closely aligned with his documented writings.

DotBot LLM – The Brain Behind Jefferson A.I.

DOTBOT LLM, a specialized and customized language model, served as the core of the project. Tailored to emulate Jefferson’s intricate thinking, the LLM was trained on a wide range of Jefferson’s writings, speeches, and historical commentary.

The A.I. was engineered to be accessible across Twitter, Telegram, and the Web, each serving distinct user needs.

Twitter Bot (@AskJefferson)

Twitter users could engage with Jefferson by simply tweeting to @AskJefferson. The bot reads, interprets, and responds in the original tweet chain, sometimes trolling those who express anti-American sentiments

Telegram Bot

With specific commands, the Telegram bot offers a more personalized experience:

  • Conversation: Unlimited back-and-forth conversation on topics Jefferson would find engaging.
  • Explain: Interpretation of parts of the US Constitution.
  • Expose: Assessing current events for their constitutionality.
  • Teach: Education on the US Constitution.
Web-based Bot (AskJefferson.com)

Via the official website, users can carry on conversations with Jefferson. For more specific commands, they need to revert to the Telegram bot. 

Strict guidelines were followed to ensure that the A.I. stayed true to the spirit of Jefferson’s ideology. Any attempts to diverge into non-relevant topics were met with specific pre-determined responses.

The Jefferson A.I. Project is a stellar example of how technology can breathe life into history, making it relevant and engaging for the contemporary world. It has not only fostered a renewed interest in American history but also provided a platform for understanding complex legal and political concepts through the lens of a Founding Father.

By bridging the gap between historical wisdom and modern curiosity, Cheetah Agency has set a new benchmark in educational engagement and political discourse. The Jefferson A.I. Project stands as a testament to the power of innovation, the importance of historical perspective, and the potential of technology to transform the way we learn, think, and communicate.

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