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Whitefield A.I.

Cheetah Agency, a pioneering force in the world of artificial intelligence, is delighted to present a case study on the revolutionary Whitefield A.I. Project. Commissioned by L1FE Global Ministries, this unique initiative blends cutting-edge technology with theological insights, encapsulating the beliefs and teachings of George Whitefield, the founder of the Evangelical movement and Methodism. The project encompasses three major platforms: Telegram, Twitter, and the Web, each offering distinct features and interaction points.

Through the powerful DotBot LLM, Cheetah Agency crafted an A.I. bot that embodies the essence of Jefferson’s thoughts and perspectives. This case study delves into the intricate development, implementation, and social impact of the Jefferson A.I. across three platforms: Twitter, Telegram, and the Web.

The Whitefield A.I. Project aimed to create a virtual version of George Whitefield, channeling his wisdom, knowledge, and preaching style through modern technology. This would enable users to engage with theological and philosophical discussions, learn from Whitefield’s perspective, and seek guidance on matters related to God, America, geo-politics, Methodism, and more.

The underlying API that integrates all three platforms is driven by DOTBOT LLM, a specialized language model developed and powered by Cheetah Agency. It’s designed to communicate specifically in Whitefield’s style, reflecting his historical eloquence and dedication to his subjects.

The project’s foundation was the DOTBOT LLM, meticulously crafted to capture George Whitefield’s unique language style and ideology. An extensive dataset comprising Whitefield’s sermons, letters, and historical writings was employed to train the model.

The A.I. was engineered to be accessible across Twitter, Telegram, and the Web, each serving distinct user needs.

Twitter Bot (@AskWhitefield)

On Twitter, George can be reached by tweeting @AskWhitefield. His responses are thoughtful, often providing Bible verses and advice to those who seek spiritual guidance. Integration with Twitter’s API facilitated real-time monitoring and responding to tweets directed at @AskWhitefield.

Telegram Bot

The Telegram bot provides a multifaceted interaction with George through various commands:

  • Conversation: Enables unlimited back-and-forth dialogue on subjects that interest George.
  • Explain: Offers explanations and interpretations of Bible verses.
  • Expose: Users can present modern-day situations for George to uncover underlying corruption.
  • Teach: An opportunity for learning about the Bible, Jesus, or the Christian faith.

Custom commands were developed to enhance the user experience and provide targeted interactions.

Web-based Bot (AskWhitefield.com)

The web-based bot offers a more general conversation interface, while specific commands are channeled through the Telegram bot.The web interface was built with an intuitive design, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly experience.

Strict guidelines were followed to ensure that the A.I. stayed true to the spirit of Whitefield’s ideology. Any attempts to diverge into non-relevant topics were met with specific pre-determined responses.

The Whitefield A.I. Project has brought a historical figure to life in the digital age, reaching audiences across various platforms. Its success lies not only in technological innovation but also in fostering spiritual growth, education, and ethical engagement.

Educational: Providing teachings and explanations on Christianity.

Social Engagement: Encouraging constructive conversations on crucial topics.

Moral Guidance: Offering advice and exposure on corruption and ethical dilemmas.

The Whitefield A.I. Project stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of Cheetah Agency. By capturing the essence of George Whitefield and making his wisdom accessible to the modern world, this project serves as a beacon of technological and spiritual advancement. The partnership with L1FE Global Ministries has allowed the project to resonate with a global audience, creating a space for learning, reflection, and growth in faith.

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