Nana Condom Co.

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A client approached Cheetah Agency seeking a complete branding solution for a new, innovative condom brand. The goal was to create a memorable name, brand identity, product lines, packaging design, and a functional eCommerce platform. Cheetah delivered an all-encompassing solution, resulting in the successful launch of Nana Condom Co.
Nana Condom Co.

Branding and Identity Development

The initial step involved devising an appealing name that encapsulated the playful and distinctive identity of the brand. The name “Nana” was selected, drawing inspiration from the banana fruit. The brand’s logo featured a banana character, reflecting the company’s friendly and approachable demeanor. This central character was then tailored to represent the various product lines and their sub-types, ensuring each had a unique and unforgettable identity.

Diversified Product Lines and Types:

Cheetah designed multiple product lines for Nana Condom Co., catering to a wide range of consumer preferences and requirements:

– Yums (Flavored)
– Skinnies (Ultra Thin)
– Nubbies (Textured)
– Big Shots (XL)
– Defenders (Latex)

Each line features its sub-types, presenting customers with an extensive array of options. For instance, the Yums line offers flavors such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and more, with each flavor boasting a distinctive name and brand identity.

Below are examples of how the Bananas from each product line are morphed to fit each individual product type:

Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution

Cheetah’s Chinese Imports Division forged a partnership with Karex Berhad, the reputable factory behind Durex condoms’ production in Malaysia. Nana’s inaugural order consisted of over 3 million boxes of condoms, which were subsequently distributed to Amazon Fulfillment Centers globally.

Innovative Packaging

Cheetah crafted product packaging for 3, 12, and 36 pack condoms across all line types, accompanied by a complementary Lubricant line that was available both unflavored and in the same flavors as the Yums condom line. The lubricant packaging retained the same brand identities as the condom types, albeit with a lube-dripping banana design.

Below is an example of Nana's packaging. It's important to note that each product type, has its own custom box design.

eCommerce Platform Integration

Cheetah developed a user-friendly eCommerce platform for Nana, utilizing WooCommerce and integrating it with Stripe, Amazon Fulfillment, Shipt Delivery, and various other platforms. This streamlined approach simplified logistics and allowed Nana to launch their brand effortlessly in the online marketplace.

Below are examples of how the Bananas from each product line are morphed to fit each individual product type:

The Nana Condom Co. project exemplifies Cheetah's proficiency in delivering end-to-end branding solutions, encompassing naming, brand identity development, product design, sourcing, logistics, and eCommerce integration. With a creative and comprehensive strategy, Cheetah played an instrumental role in Nana Condom Co.'s successful market debut.

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