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3D Modeling/Rendering
Villa Three
A symphony of concrete accents and clean lines, Villa Three is a true manifestation of modern industrial design, brought to life by Cheetah Agency's unrivaled talent of 3D modelers.

The challenge was to visualize and model a luxurious and modern villa within Satoshi Tower that embraced an industrial aesthetic. This involved creating a space that seamlessly combined stark concrete walls with sophisticated designs, epitomizing both elegance and a modern industrial flair.


  • Understanding the Aesthetic: Collaborating closely with designers to grasp the industrial concept, accentuated by concrete walls and clean, geometric lines.
  • 3D Visualization: Creating detailed and realistic 3D models that accurately represented the textures, lighting, and materials specific to an industrial design.
  • Iterative Process: Working through numerous design iterations, continually refining the 3D model to capture the unique essence of Villa Three.
  • High-Resolution Rendering: Using top-tier rendering technology to produce high-quality images that showcased the design’s intricate details.
  • Authentic 3D Models: Crafting 3D models that accurately depicted the concrete accent walls, aligning with the industrial theme and providing a tangible vision for stakeholders.
  • Immersive Visualization: Providing immersive visualizations that allowed designers and clients to explore the space virtually, ensuring alignment with the design vision.
  • Texture and Lighting Mastery: Demonstrating mastery in simulating textures and lighting, which gave life to the concrete accents and highlighted the villa’s industrial charm.
  • Seamless Communication: Facilitating clear communication between all parties through precise 3D representations, ensuring that the design vision was fully realized.

Villa Three in Satoshi Tower is a masterful blend of modernity and industrial aesthetics. Through Cheetah Agency’s unparalleled talent of experienced 3D modelers and renderings, the villa has been transformed into a visual marvel that epitomizes elegance with an industrial touch. This project further solidifies Cheetah Agency’s position as a leader in the field, demonstrating their ability to transcend conventional design boundaries and create spaces that resonate with unique and sophisticated tastes.

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